The Alchemist — Review

Hello readers and writers!

I do not post very frequently here, which became quite a concern for me. So, I have decided to visit here frequently. I have also thought of putting my book reviews here, though I’m not very good at writing book reviews. So, let me tell you, I’m a novice in that.

So, here goes my first review on this blog.

After reading this book, I was curious to know what did others think about it. And to my amaze, when I went through a few reviews on goodreads, I found a weird amalgamation. Most of the reviews were complete black or white; the book was rated either a one star or five.

I must say this book is highly perspective. It totally depends on your belief system, which is a determining factor whether you will like it or not. Parts of the story were indeed motivating and will push you to follow your dream. It will make you believe that nothing is impossible. It will spiritually connect you to God and help you seek your inner voice.

However, if you don’t believe in God, you will find yourself a little uncomfortable to adapt to the story throughout. Some of the elements of the book were quite superstitious in my view. For example, the Philosopher’s stone or the Elixir of life, or perhaps talking to the elements of the earth like the wind or the sun. So mine is actually a grey perspective, and I would rate it 3 stars.

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho


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