Nighty Night!

There are times when your life is at its hullabaloo. At such times your mind is clouded with a string of thoughts. It’s not even a string, to be precise. Rather, it’s an entangled bunch of strings. No thought seems to connect to the other. Yet, all the thoughts connect. Because they are YOUR thoughts; they reflect YOU.
At the end of a long tiresome day, you are darn sleepy, yet the evil sleep refuses to shadow you. It allures you to the very core, yet invites innumerable thoughts to your brain. And that is when the brain is at unrest.
These situations are a rarity; who’s got time to ponder at nights! But when they do occur, they conquer your soul and entraps it in its tentacles.
So what do you do when, on a night like this, you are cobwebbed with a gush of multitudinous thoughts and emotions?
You simply pick your phone and begin to ink the memo app.


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