About my Recent Visit to Pune

Just an excerpt of the 4-day long trip:


I happened to visit Pune last month. Because the city has a dearth of natural attractions and other marvellous sites to visit, I made sure that the hotel I book should be a fine one. After all, sojourning in the lap of luxury is itself an adventure!


So I googled for 5-star hotels in the close proximity to the Pune airport. I shortlisted 4 of them and finally ended up booking Four Points by Sheraton.


I was in luck, as it was situated at a stone’s throw from two of the top notch malls of Pune.

As soon as I entered the hotel, I was taken aback by the spacious parking area of the hotel. The entry to the mall hall involved a strict security check, which was quite annoying especially when you are moving in and out of the hotel frequently.


I had to wait for my check-in time so I sat on the couch. In those 20-25 minutes I had a nice glimpse of the entire lobby. The walls were white with a fine paint, and I was impressed by their sobriety. The hall was well-lit and it was neat and air-conditioned. It was basked in a melodious tune. I was looking for a chandelier, but to my amaze the ceiling was an empty space which simply showed the upper floors of the hotel. I went to my room which was situated on the fifth floor. It was one of the smoking rooms, which perturbed me. But as I went in, I was overwhelmed to see my suite.


It was a finely done suite with room temperature around 16 degrees Celsius. The hall had a 2-seater dining table and an adjoining mini kitchen. The kitchen was well-equipped and neatly done. The hall was dimly-illuminated and decorated with fancy show-pieces. I went further and threw my bag on the couch in the living room. I sat there and took a sigh of relief. I switched on the TV and shuffled through some channels. Nothing was apt to impress my tired soul. Just then I saw huge speaker beside the TV cabinet. I stood up to see the entire music system placed there. My happiness knew no bounds. I fiddled through some equipment and finally played some nice music. My soul was relieved, and I wanted to sleep. So I mustered some courage to get up and go to the bedroom. I went inside and wondered why I hadn’t come there sooner. I jumped into the bed and dozed off to sleep for a few hours. I got up and felt I should explore my suite more. So I unfurled the curtains at the grand window and saw a spectacular vista of the outside. Now my room was well-illuminated and I felt so rejuvenated. I unpacked my bag and took my set of clothes out. I went to the bathroom and was delighted to see it well-kept and hygienic. I had a nice long shower with some fine fragrances. Utterly relaxed and refreshed, I decided to go to the swimming area of the hotel. So I went there with my book and sat by the rippling blue water of the pool. I also had a glance of the gym nearby. It seemed to be well-illuminated with state-of-the-art machines. Then I made my way to the exit of the hotel as I was very curious to visit the Phoenix City Mall. I picked a cloth or two from Lifestyle and also bought a nice fragrance for my husband. Finally, I ended my day with a hearty dinner at the food court.



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