I’m a Married Woman

I am a woman of India. I’m 23, and I am married. Is it too soon? Really?
You curse the girls who are not married in their late 20’s. And you curse the girls who are married in their early 20’s. What do you basically want?

I was under the impression that you marry when you have found the right guy and when your salaries can suffice you both. You marry when you feel it’s right. But, WHO CARES!

I’m a married woman and I wear shorts and dresses. Pinched again? Well, brace yourself; there’s more to come. I’ll wear whatever I’m comfortable in. My clothes are not short, your thinking is!

I’m a married woman and I don’t wear bindi, bangles, jewellery or vermilion. Do THESE things define a woman? I thought it was she herself who defined her.

I’m a married woman and I haven’t taken my husband’s surname. Well, I kinda love my own name, you know!

I’m a married woman and I don’t cook. Was I supposed to do so? Was cooking my born responsibility, just because I’m a woman? Do I really need to LEARN cooking to feed my family? If you are so worried about them, then why don’t you do so?
If you are so keen to make your daughters-in-law cook, I would advise you to hire a cook. Why squander so much money on a marriage when you can easily find a cook for your house at a dime a dozen!

I’m a married woman and I don’t live with my in-laws. Are your eyes wide open? Then fuck you! You live with the people you are compatible with. You live with your family for peace. I find none. So I don’t live with them. Simple. Why does that bother you? Ok, I have heard enough of these gibberish comments, “You are not an ‘aadarsh bahu’.” I don’t WANT to be! I don’t care what the world says! As long as I am living with my husband peacefully, I don’t give a shit to the world! I don’t live with them because I don’t want anybody to rule me! I rule myself. I’m mature enough to take my decisions. I don’t want anyone to make my decisions, or to WRITE my life.

I’m a writer. I’m the writer of my life.


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